Budapest represents the ideal choice for a long term investment, first of all after the entrance of Hungary in EU. Its geographical location, in the center of Europe between east and west, its historical heritage (Budapest was the capital of Austro-hungarian empire), the charming buildings of XX century, the thermal baths, the life style and its transport links (Budapest has got the second biggest Underground of Europe) make Budapest one of the most important and tourist city of the world.

Why Budapest?

Actually many people want to invest in Real Estate, but the sq.m prices of capital city in West Europe are not suitable for all the investors. The East Europe represents the best way with prices 1/3 lower than the average of the other european capital cities.

Some details:

  • According to a study Hungary has held steady in 20th place to the index of world globalization of 62 states,
    - Hungary is on of the top 10 states in terms of global economy and trade, with a 1st place in the conclusion of treaties.
    - Growth of airport bases of low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet linking Budapest to major European airports.
    - Interest rates have fallen, while the development of financial market and legal procedures have made the transactions easier.
    - Váci street in Budapest represents the 28th most expensive shopping street in the world in terms of cost retail.

All these factors are pushing property prices in Budapest, which will continue to grow at a rate of 15% revaluation, in step with the European average.

What are the core elements of the Real Estate market?

  • Demographic trends - The demography could affect positively or negatively the market demand for Real Estate.
    - The location - the area where is located the building could increase or decrease the price.

After the exploit between 2007 and 2008 with the investments increased by 100% in recent years the Real Estate in Budapest has always had a gradual increase. Investing in the building in Budapest still maintain investors' confidence even the worldwide Real Estate crisis


in Hungary plastic surgeons are required by a strict law to train nearly a decade to be qualified plastic surgeons - 5 years of general surgery and an additional 3 years of assistant plastic surgery.
The prices, even including a hotel room in Budapest with airport transfer, can still be up to 50% cheaper than in the UK, Ireland or the US.
After you decided to have surgery, it is important to establish trust in your future Hungarian doctor, and calculate the costs. The prices for breast surgery are between 600 and 2650 Euros, excluding the price of any implants where necessary and abdominal jobs cost between 220 and 2800.


Hungary is one of the flagship countries of European health tourism, with an emphasis on top-quality dentistry services. The quality and training of Hungarian dentists is equivalent with standards of the European countries, but at far lower cost.

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